FACTS – Opening Night

● Opening day May 29, 1942- Memorial Day- TRIBUNE
● boasting 1060 seats KCET
● Celebrities in attendance: boxer Max Baer, comedic duo Stan Lurel and Oliver Hardy, movie star Constance Bennett, and child
star Jackie Cooper TRIBUNE
● Movie Premiere: This Above All starring Tyrone Power and Joan Fontaine KCET
● Hundreds of servicemen from Camp San Luis Obispo and Camp Roberts KCET
● These two army bases were some of the largest in the world, making The Fremont home to entertaining servicemen on leave
and civilians. TRIBUNE
● $100 war bonds for sale, and all ticket sales benefited local United Service chapters. KCET
● The bond drive resulted in almost $750,000. TRIBUNE
● The Tribune featured the premier on the front page of the newspaper with an image Victory Square, the courthouse lawns
adjacent to The Fremont, jam-packed with people. TRIBUNE

FACTS – Building

● Building designed by movie theater architect S. Charles Lee in the Streamline Modern style to mimic the concert halls and
opera houses of Europe KCET
● Heinsbergen Decorating Company of LA is responsible for the 100 ft decorative murals of flowers, charging steeds, and
women in gowns. KCET
● Frank Bouman, father of local SLO muralist, Doug Bouman, worked on the theater. KCET
● Single screen movie palace KCET


● Late 1941 : building permits were pulled with The Fremont’s estimated cost at $100,000. TRIBUNE
● May 29, 1942: Memorial Day: Opening Night!
● Mid 1980s : Rob Rossi and John King purchase the Fremont Theater and adjacent Mission Cinemas KCET
● Early 1990s : San Luis obispo Film Festival begins holding events at The Fremont  KCET
● 1996 : Yes reunited for the first time in 15 years for three concerts at the Fremont KCET
● 2002 : The Movie Experience or Sanborn Theaters, Inc. the oldest movie theater company in Southern CA, began operating
the theater. KCET
● May 2017 : Developer Rob Rossi bought John King’s 50 percent share in the historic Fremont Theatre and adjacent property
that housed Mission Cinemas for $6,000 Tuesday at an auction in Los Angeles LINK

Located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, the Fremont Theater is a historic movie theater, built in 1941. Throughout its early years it served both as a moving picture theater and a live entertainment venue. In the late 20th century, developers wanted to raze the building to install a new multiplex, but public outcry saved the theater. Full of rich, art deco charm, this theater has hosted everything from war bond shows to Adam Ant and Yes.

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